Asylum is a protection the United States grants to non-citizens who can show they have the realistic fear that they would be persecuted in their home country for one of these protected reason

• Race and Nationality
• Religion
• Political Opinion
• Membership in a particular social group.

Application form for citizenship

WHAT AM I REQUIRED TO SHOW FOR AN ASYLUM CASE? If you fear persecution in your country, then it must be proven that the harm is from the government or some person, or group that the government of your country cannot protect you from.

TO BE ELIGIBLE for asylum, the persecution must also be significant, such as unlawful or political detention, torture, violation of human rights, physical violence, or some type of severe non-physical harm. Political asylum cases are often very challenging to win, especially without an experienced and skilled attorney to assist.

OUR IMMIGRATION ATTORNEYS CAN HELP WITH YOUR ASYLUM CASE. At Mazur Law Firm, we represent refugees and political asylum applicants from all countries. Individuals and families who apply for asylum on their own are not always sure what information they should provide or what type of evidence the law requires, which can result in a case being denied or unreasonably delayed. We can help you present the strongest case possible.       

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