One of the most worthwhile experiences for a US immigration and naturalization lawyer is to see their client achieve the United States citizenship. The citizenship process can sometimes be long and is not always easy; it takes an experienced and skilled law firm to handle the more difficult cases. 

In our nation of immigrants, there are many ways to eligibility, and each has its own requirements. Our attorneys have decades of experience in evaluating the challenges of becoming a naturalized citizen. Our knowledge will help and assist our clients in each phase of the journey, from the initial filings through the background check and civics test, until they are sworn in as a United States citizen. No matter what makes up the foundation of naturalization application, we’ll make sure that you are prepared for the documentary requirements, fingerprinting, interview, English proficiency examination and U.S. civics test. We know how complicated and intimidating these standards can appear, but our attorneys and staff speak numerous languages and focus on easing your burden at every stage to maximize the likelihood that you will be taking the Oath of Allegiance.

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