Deportation Defense

Also known as “removal proceedings,” deportation in the U.S. is fraught with divisive political undertones.

As in many other countries, U.S. immigration law is harsh on those who commit a criminal offense. On the other hand, not all those who commit a crime deserve to be deported. Meanwhile, those unlawfully present in the United States, such as those who have overstayed their L.C. Visas, may have good reasons for being allowed to stay in the United States.

At Mazur Law Firm, we do all we can to defend our clients against deportation.

Crimes Of ‘Moral Turpitude’

A crime of “moral turpitude” will often lead to removal proceedings.

In general, many of the rules of due process that apply to U.S. citizens accused of crimes do not apply to immigrants. This reality – and the ambiguous meaning of “moral turpitude” – is more than enough to sweep many immigrants into the net of deportation, even if the alleged crime is relatively minor.

Crimes of moral turpitude can include (but are not limited to) shoplifting, sex crimes, selling pirated DVD’s or making a false statement on a driver’s license application.

And even though marijuana use has been widely decriminalized or legalized in several states, marijuana remains prohibited under federal law, and counts as a controlled substance violation leading to immigration consequences.

Other criminal activities are deemed crimes of violence or firearms offenses and also present serious immigration consequences.

Undocumented Immigrants

In addition to those who commit criminal offenses, many immigrants face consequences for being undocumented. In other words, these immigrants have illegally entered to the United States (or remained in the United States on an expired visa) violating the immigration laws.

These undocumented immigrants are those who “live in the shadows,” who have otherwise proven themselves to be law-abiding, and who simply want to make better lives for themselves in the U.S.

Since 2001, Mr. Mazur has represented immigrants charged with overstaying visas, or who were otherwise apprehended by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), and face deportation.

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